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The Zodiac as It Relates to the Body

Posted July 29, Respected Members!!! Can someone guide or advise me about which planet is related to which body part of human being?

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Further what will be the effect of Rising Planet, Retrograde, Neecha or Uchcha Planets on the body parts related to them. Whether a specific rashi makes it worse when a planet moves in that rashi If the heart is weak, what planetary positions make it weak and how can it be made stronger. Blood is related to which planet, Can blood group be decided by any combinations? Fittingly symbolized by the ram, astrologers say Aries tend to get off on a gentle head massage, some light hair tugging or gentle caresses behind the ears. Symbolized by the bull, this earth sign is said to love a gentle neck caress. Every day is arm day for Gemini. This incredibly creative air sign is associated with the twins Castor and Pollux in Greek mythology, which might be why they could have a thing for pairs, including arms. Eyes up here, Cancer!

Next time you go in for a hug with your loved-up Leo , linger a while, running your fingers up and down their spine or in little circles. Virgos are the type of people who may genuinely like lower stomach tattoos. Good news for the Biebs. Why the stomach?

In high school, Libra was voted most likely to overuse the peach emoji. This air sign may be down for a little butt play or spanking, but always be sure to ask first.