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Aries Love Compatibility Horoscope 12222

The wild nature of the Aries makes Cancer more alive. They then become more active and open to wild ideas. Both Cancer male and female like operating in the background and supporting Aries. Aries is okay in the lime light.

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Cancer learns to explore and be outgoing from their Aries lover. Cancer also teaches Aries to make decisions in a rational manner. The idea here is that Cancer is the voice of reason for this relationship. Aries learns to move at a considerable pace to avoid messing things up. In this Aries and Cancer love compatibility, the crabs are more family oriented while Aries focus on themselves.

They will be very tender and have a soft spot for family and other people who they care about. Basically both astrological personalities give attention to those they love.

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Cancer will tend to take shelter on their partner when trouble strikes. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! The love horoscope predictions for the Aries and Cancer compatibility shows that the Arians come of as the heroes who take issues head on.

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It is a rather about the joy that they get from having a shield in their lives. Cancer gives the match needed joyful home and sensitivity towards Aries. Cancer is the ideal homemaker. Cancer tends to be clingy on their partners this has a negative effect on the relationship. In this Aries Cancer compatibility, the Cancerians need to tame their neediness so as to tolerate the freedom needed by the Aries.

They need to know that their lover is not as sentimental and tends to be direct and straight to the point. Aries can reassure their partners that they are the only ones they love and that they are not going anywhere. This will reduce the neediness. If they listen to each other, they can prevent making errors in judgment and succeed in life. Here is a shocker, Aries zodiac sign symbolizes fire while Cancer signifies water.

The exact opposite as it were. This gives you an idea of just how well they are meant to be together. This means that when one lushes out, the other comes to their rescue. When fire is a blaze then water puts it out. However, they both tend to be loners , too. Sagittarius never stays in one place for long, and Aries despises feeling trapped, so it might be difficult for them to stay together long enough to develop a romantic commitment.

Capricorn is looking for commitment and partnership on all levels. The Aries-Aquarius couple find each other completely fascinating. When they work together, they can accomplish miracles. Pisces, on the other hand, will be amazed at how Aries forces ideas and dreams to become reality. But if Aries can be patient and settle down just a little bit , and if Pisces can be brave and take a few risks, these two are very well suited for one another. She now lives in Vancouver, Washington, with her husband, three cats, and a loudmouthed hyacinth macaw who loves to scare the cats. Follow Us. Sign in.

Photo: getty. Trudi Mentior. Love , Zodiac February 19, Most people will be infected by their enthusiasm and warm-hearted nature, especially when forming close, personal relationships. An Aries will look out for their friends, family and lovers. They will protect those they care about, should the need arise. An Aries will also encourage them with their natural optimism.

If you want to compete with them, be prepared. They do not take competition lightly. A darker side of Aries is self-centeredness, although once they have conquered this shadow quality they have more of a warm inner security that shines the light on the positive qualities within everyone they get close to. It is important that an Aries makes a deliberate effort to consider those around them … everyday.

A reminder on the fridge may help to keep them at their best, so that all the energy that they have does not get the best of them and cause any accidents or hurt feelings.

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Quick tempered, they tend to lack diplomacy. Aries also tends to leave a trail of unfinished tasks, projects and goals. In love , an Aries is a one-on-one lover. They love attention, both giving and receiving … and often can never get enough. That is, as long as things stay interesting.

An Aries is just as direct and quick in pursuing love, as they are in all other areas of their life. They go after what they want, granting their hearts desire as fast as possible. An Aries will fall in love quickly. They are ardent lovers. Aries is the first in line to get things going … whether or not everything gets done is another thing entirely. Aries prefers to initiate rather than to complete, so it is extremely important to do new and exciting things with an Aries, to keep the fire lit. The Aries is a fire sign, and fire needs oxygen air in order to burn. Give words of encouragement.

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  6. An Aries loves praise and flattery, only if true though. Do not whisper false-nothings into the ear of an Aries.

    ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

    You may end up waging war, rather than fueling the fires of passion, if what you say is not true. An Aries lover loves to hear how wonderful they are, especially how important they are and they can never hear these things enough. They love to talk about themselves, so do your best to listen.

    An Aries lover also listens very well. They will give you their undivided attention. A sign of esteem, an Aries can easily initiate healthy self-esteem and self-love within their lover. Highly impatient and competitive, many Arieses have quite a fighting spirit. It is wise to never tell an Aries what to do.